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Explaindio Video Converter

Explaindio Video Converter is a desktop software tool, which is already used by thousands of our members in their daily work.

Not only does it allow to convert video between most existing video formats and encodings, but it also includes a few very rare features and one completely exclusive feature present only in Explaindio Video Converter.

The features, which are very hard to find in any other video are batch processing, ability to convert video to any custom width & height dimensions, which is must have for any multi picture-in-picture video clip, and video proportion change.

Batch processing is an extremely useful feature our team uses very often. For example, we drag & drop hundreds of 4k videos into converter, start conversion, let software run through the night, and in the morning we have all converted videos ready.

The conversion to any custom width & height dimensions is a must have if you work with any video clip which include multiple small videos.

The exclusive feature of Explaindio Video Creator is the ability to convert any supported video file format and encoding into the video format required by Explaindio Video Creator 1.014.

If you purchased Explaindio Video FX PRO, you already have Explaindio Video Creator 1.014 which is a free bonus for that version.

To make it clear, Explaindio Video Converter is a completely stand alone application, and can be used with any video creation and editing software.

Watch the demo below where I show how Video Converter works with custom width & height dimensions needed for any software producing picture-in-picture multi-video clips, and how easy it is to convert video files, with just a few clicks, including conversion to the video format required by Explaindio Video Creator 1.014.

Explaindio Video Marker

Explaindio Video Marker is the software tool we just finished developing for our own use.

It allows to scribble with the mouse on any video.

Scribbles added to the video, which highlights what you want a viewer to focus on, is an amazing engagement and conversion boosters.

Originally we tried to find some simple tool to add scribbles to our own videos, but we were unable to find any.

Because we really needed such tool, we had to develop it, and now you can get access to it, too.

What Video Market allows you to do, is to add unlimited scribbles to your video and make each scribble appear exactly when you want it to appear.

This is a perfect tool for marketers, trainers and communicator to pass additional message scribbled on top of the video.

For example, you can draw a circle around a call to action, mark an object you want people to notice, draw a moustache on a face to make a video look funny.

Funny scribble on a video boosts viral potential of the clip exponentially.

You can also take a video which is already viral and add your own scribbles on top, to make it even more viral and/or make it your own.

To make it even better we added also an ability to add unlimited number of images, so you can add combination of scribbles and images to pass the message without limits, or make a hard to resists viral videos.

Image adding feature can be used to watermark the video to protect it, or to brand video with your logo.

Explaindio Video Marker app is very easy to use -- you just drag & drop video into the app, choose thickness of pen or brush, add scribbles and/or images, use slider to select when those should appear, and click start.

Explaindio Video Cropper

Explaindio Video Cropper is a tool, which allows you to crop video to any custom dimensions in order to have a video with only parts you want prospects to focus attention on, or to get certain video parts away from obscuring the marketing message.

Stock videos show the raw scene the way it was shot.

In most cases you can a have better video clip, if you carve out from a stock clip only these parts, which help to pass your message in the more effective way

Video cropper carves out video parts you want to use and discards the rest.

Watch the demo video where video cropper is used to carve our stock video clip in order to focus prospects attention on the message.

BEFORE (message unreadable on v background)

CROP (makes video from selected area)

AFTER (message clear with cool part of video

Explaindio Watermark Maker

Explaindio Watermark Maker is an app, which allows you to create watermark very easily and very fast.

You can create a simple watermark image and text with chosen opacity in under 30 second.

Use of watermark is very important to protect video content either when presenting a video to the public on a website, such as youtube, or when sending to a client.

We used this app often to create watermark for our full sized background videos preview for publishing on youtube.

Since everybody can download a video from youtube, adding full background videos without watermark is like giving them away.

It is also a tool, which makes it easier to work with clients who buy your videos.

You can just send a watermarked video to a client and stop worrying about a client using it without paying for you work, which does happen more often that you think.

You can create watermark in photoshop and some other complicated software, but even if you know particular software it could take you 20 to 30 times longer to make same watermark you can make in Watermark Maker in under 30 second.

After you have done watermark image with this app you can add it to you video using Explaindio Video Marker (which is part of this bundle) or Explandio Video Creator (which you already have if you choose PRO option).

Watch the demo how Explaindio Watermark Maker works.

Explaindio Video Split Screen

Explaindio Split Screen is an app which allows the simultaneous presentation of 4 video at the same time.

Originally, we have developed this app for our internal use to be able to present 100 video background in a much more attractive and engaging way, with a demo video length being four time shorter.

With current audience diminishing attention span, the faster you can show the content the more prospects will see it instead of clicking away


Video content often has both great parts and those, which are not so great.

With 4 video playing on screen at the same time, it is much easier to get away with those less awesome parts, because there is always a lot of action going on.

The App is very easy to use, just drag & drop 2 or 4 videos, and click start.





Explaindio Audio Converter

Explaindio Audio Converter is an app which allows you to convert audio between almost all popular audio formats and bit rates.

It also allows to very easily convert audio to the format needed by Explaindio Video Creator, which you already have if you purchased PRO version of Explaindio Video FX.

Because the user interface is very similar to Video Converter we did not make a separate demo.

Sketch Line Color Changer

Explaindio Sketch Line Color Changer is an amazing app, which allows you to change color of black & white hand drawn images to any color.

Usually drawn images are created and delivered with black line over white surface.

It does limit the use of those cool hand drawn images because not always you want to have a black on white, and because those images are hardly visible on dark surfaces.

For example, if you have a video or an image with dark background, you are pretty much out of options unless you learn very complicated software, like inkscape and then spend 10-20 minutes on each and every image manually changing the line color.

With Explaindio Sketch Line Color Changer you select the hand drawn image, select color, and save the image with new colors line. It’s that simple!

Watch the demo video showing the Explaindio Sketch Line Color Changer together with Explaindio Video Creator.

You already have Explaindio Video Creator if you purchased PRO version of Explaindio Video FX.

BEFORE (drawn line almost invisible)


AFTER (drawn line very visible)

Screen Recorder (Windows only)

Explaindio Screen Recorder is an app, which allows you to record either full screen or rectangular part of screen.

To record rectangular part of the screen, you just need to select top/left corner, drag to bottom/right corner, release mouse, and click record.

Explaindio Screen Recorder is a windows only app, because Mac already has a build in screen recorder.

Since it is a screen recorder we could not record screen of recording screen for the demo, but you can check screenshot from user interface.

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